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Aerie’s Commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

At Aerie, we are dedicated to the principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and good corporate governance. We consider these to be among our most important values and so integrate them in our ongoing and strategic activities.

As it relates to the environment and sustainability, we employ green processes, materials, practices, equipment and technologies where possible throughout our operations to foster conservation and reduce waste. We minimize energy consumption using various power-saving technologies designed to consume electrical power only when needed. The majority of our office space in the U.S. is LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, and both our new manufacturing plant in Ireland, and our implant manufacturing facility in Durham, N.C., were built from end-to-end with sustainability and good manufacturing practices in mind. We have also instituted environmentally conscious programs into the work environment for our employees by implementing recycling and composting programs, offering water dispensers to reduce plastic bottle waste, and providing electric automobile charging stations in our employee parking areas, as examples.

From a social responsibility perspective, even though we have not yet attained profitability as a company, we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to causes that we believe are important to society. These donations were directed to support glaucoma research, providing free eyecare to indigent patients in the U.S. and beyond, a national educational symposium for glaucoma patients, supporting women in ophthalmology, and other donations to causes of interest to areas beyond our immediate scope, such as for needy children in Harlem, NY.

We also strive to be socially conscious in our practices. We support diversity in our hiring practices and follow a management philosophy that integrates social responsibility and the highest governance standards. Our Audit Committee of the Board of Directors has consistently received very high ratings for independence and competency, and our recent shareholder vote on executive compensation practices received nearly 95% support in our most recent Proxy. As we continue to build what we believe will become a major ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, we will continue to keep the environment, our social responsibility and governance considerations at top of mind.